Deer Haven Farm
   About Deer Haven Farm
Deer Have Farm came into being five years ago when we moved from the bustling city of Providence to the tranquil forests of the Northwest corner of New England’s smallest state, Rhode Island.
When we toured our new house for the first time, we were surprised to find the walls lined with hunting trophies, mostly deer. We have nothing against hunting, especially here where it’s needed for population control and the deer are hunted as an important local food source, not as a sport. But hunting is just not our style and all these deer heads made us a little sad.

Right then and there we decided to buy the property and named it Deer Haven Farm, a place where the local deer could roam free, safe and unafraid, if only within our borders.
We settled in, planted an orchard, a vegetable field, set up a few bee hives to help with the pollination of our gardens, and planted a wildflower field to help the bees thrive. We also discovered that the hundreds of acres of woods behind our house were carpeted with wild blueberry bushes! We were ready to go!
The bees have since thanked us by sharing the most delicious honey you can imagine, flavored by blueberries and wildflowers. They also share their beeswax, from which we make many of the products available to you here.